The most critical information that our Hilton Head Monthly Market Trend Report conveys is what I call the “Big Three”.  These are the vital statistics for determining negotiation or pricing and include:

  1. Average List price to Average Sales Price ~ This is a direct indicator of negotiation opportunity and the firmness of the market.  Buyers and sellers can benefit by understanding this number
  2. Average Days on the Market ~ This time frame applies to properties that are priced correctly for their condition and location.
  3. Average number of listings taken vs. Average number of sales in a given period which will give us the number of months of inventory that available for sale.  This can help buyers and sellers determine strategy.

This report is a snapshot of how the market place has performed in the recent past, which is often a good predictor of future market performance for sellers and buyers.  If you would like to receive a monthly report by mail or e-mail, please email us at or call Jane Hyers to set up a phone appointment at (843)785-7111.  This is not only a good map of where we have been, it points to where we may be going.  Happy Hilton Head!  Robbie Bunting