They say timing is everything and that is true with real estate.  We have arranged the perfect opportunity for a “down the road” home owner or an investor on Hilton Head Island to get ground floor pricing on a brand new home.  The home builder, land developer and Realtor have all sharpened their pencils to provide the best deal on two new homes on Hilton Head Island.

A great new home offer on Hilton Head Island

The land is owned debt free and the seller can provide either owner financing, a delay in closing or even subordinate the property until the home is finished.  The custom home builder has worked backwards from a set price and has negotiated some very attractive values without sacrificing quality for the buyer.  The Realtor is providing discounts as well.  All in all this package is truly one of a kind.

Two great models on Hilton Head Island

We have provided two models to choose from on two great lots.  The floor plan on lot#72 offers a potting shed, big screened in porch, large deck, gourmet kitchen and captures southern comfort.  The second floor plan on lot #23 offers up to 4 bedrooms, expansive outside living, big open living areas and plenty of garage parking for toys or multiple vehicles.  Both plans are offered under $600,000 turn key.

The first step 

If you would like to find out more on pricing, location, finishes and how we can customize this offer for your needs, just email me at or call anytime at (843)785-7111. If you are interested we will arrange a meeting with the General Contractor at their office and you can see all the bells and whistles planned for these homes.  Of course, this is on a first come, first serve basis.