While the azaleas are in full bloom, buyers are springing into the best real estate Hilton Head Island has ever offered.  The other day we compared our Hilton Head Real Estate Market to a buyers hometown market in upstate New York.  Unlike their market, Hilton Head is funnel fed by many boomers and buyers throughout the country and is correcting faster than other markets that rely on one industry or economy.  Seems a little national confidence can go a long way on this Island.


Pending activity is up and as a result listing availability is down.  While this appears to be bad news for buyers, we are still carrying forward a limited supply of some great properties.  All bets are off in the next few weeks as you will read below.  It should be noted that Hilton Head offers a limited finite resource of availabilty and is currently over 97% developed. While listings are available now, land on our Island is scarce and valuable.

Be Greedy when others are Fearful

Based on recent market research, we see three areas of great opportunity for Hilton Head buyers.  These areas offer incredible selection, compelling pricing and the possibility of negotiating further.  While the real estate market is building from the bottom, the upward pressure has not yet caught up with these properties yet!

  • Homes over $750,000 – Everyone needs a home and sales are building from the bottom up.  Based on our market research the higher priced properties have been negotiated last few months up to 63% for homes.  It appears the higher the price the higher the negotiation.
  • Villas over $750,000 – While buyers have snubbed these in the recent past because of similar homes in the same price range, villa sales are picking up momentum once again.  Based on our market research the properties with the higher price tags still offer a higher amount of selection and negotiation than their lower price neighbors.
  • Home-sites/lots – because homes have been selling for less than replacement costs, home sites have adjusted to compelling prices to lure potential purchasers.  Land is the easiest form of ownership and prime locations at some very discounted rates are available.

Hilton Head Real Estate Goes to Market

The month of April on Hilton Head Island includes the RBC Heritage, Easter and  best selling weeks of the year on the Island.  This years Heritage golf tournament is April 9-15 and Easter is the week of April 8(sunrise service at 7 am on Coligny Beach).  It should be noted that the sooner a Hilton Head Buyer gets to the Island this spring, the better the selection.  The best properties will sell first!  Happy Spring.