Want to fill up those empty weeks on your Hilton Head Rental Property?   I met with Robert Stenhammer with Hilton Head Accomodations and he suggested three ideas to help you fill up those empty weeks and keep them coming back.  

Three Ways to Boost Your Hilton Head Rentals

1.  Compete with Quality – Everything from flat screen televisions, dvds and professional photos on the internet help rental guests make the decision on which property they will rent or return to.

2.  Review the Price – If there are still rental weeks open, review the rental price with your property manager or check out comparable properties and what they charge and go below it.  If you have openings you may want to consider adjusting the price downward to fill up those open weeks.

3.  Added Value – With gas prices high, offer a $50 gas card and be sure to mention the low cost of gasoline on Hilton Head. We have some of the lowest prices in the country.  You may also want to consider offering free bikes, making your property pet friendly or including some special offering that you think of.

Please feel free to contact Robert directly:

Robert E. Stenhammer
Hilton Head Accommodations
843-842-6556 x11112 office
843-247-2404 cell