Don’t miss Hilton Head’s bottom. In case you have not heard sales are increasing and inventories are decreasing in the Hilton Head Market.  This of course will not help the seller that lives in denial awaiting 2007 prices again, but it will have impact on the seller that has been waiting around with a fair value for the location and condition their property offers on Hilton Head Island.

Market Research shows Hilton Head’s Bottom

Our monthly Market Trend Report shows below what every buyer should be looking at right now…Hilton Head’s Bottom.   You will note that the inventories have dropped and the pending sales have increased significantly from 2011.


Supporting Articles shows Hilton Head’s Bottom

  •  “Buying a home may never get cheaper than this” says CNN MONEY
  • Wall Street Journal says “If you’re thinking of buying a second home in the next five years, this might be your best opportunity”
  • “Bidding Wars Are Back” says WSJ and we have Jane and I have been involved in 2 on Hilton Head in the last week.
  • Wall Street again says “People want to stay in driving distance”
  • “Last chance for a second home”, says Business Insider
  • Here are some Tax Rules for Second homes from Kiplinger

Location is the first to sell at Bottom

Not without envy, but more pride, my little sister started the real estate fire in Sea Pines last month when she sold one home over 2 million dollars and two homes listed over 5 million dollars.  All of us know that locations sell first at the bottom and with these recent sales, the fire will spread north and other great locations will soon be taken off the shelf on Hilton Head Island.  That is one of the key advantages of buying at the bottom and for those that are side line sitters, timing is everything.

How to Bottom Feed

Contact your local Hilton Head real estate agent.  If you already own a piece of Hilton Head Island, Daufuskie or Bluffton, our recommendation is to notify your  friends and family that this year will be the last year of this great sale.  Your Realtor can set you or your friends up on a real time free link to the Hilton Head Multiple Listing Service that will send listings as they are listed in real time to you or get a free smart phone application to our MLS and put our names in as your trusted agents.  We had a client that found a great oceanfront villa this way last week and she won the bidding war because she found out first.  First one in wins!

Next years crocodile tears

For years I had visitors that have returned to Hilton Head Island that said, “They wish they would have bought 10 years ago”. Now they can.  One thing is for sure, next year, there will be the “could of, should of, would of”  buyers return to Hilton Head with crocodile tears saying they should have bought in 2012.  Just don’t blame it on us, we tried.