This short video offers some ideas from a local short sale negotiator on Hilton Head Island.   This negotiator was educated by a declining market and worked in the mortgage industry, moved to loan modifications and now helps negotiate short sales with banks.  He has developed the skills and relationships that can help him navigate through the short sale process better than others that do not do it every day.

Distressed Investor Shares Advice

While many owners may be in a holding pattern waiting to see if their equity will return, there have been some property owners that have taken advantage of the options this market is offering.  Here are the three things John shares with clients that owe more than the property is worth:

  1. Get legal advice
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Learn the Options

Don’t Pretend it will go away

We hope for our clients and friends that they explore their options when it comes to selling if you owe more than the market value.  Don’t move into a denial position and don’t kick the ball down the street.  John Bonwitt has information he can share with you confidentially.  If you need a quick sale, John does have a group of buyers interested in these types of properties.  Just give us a call at (843)785-7111 or email us at to receive a free report from John Bonwitt on the 6 options sellers have today and his contact information.  Thank you.