We just helped a customer trade his home for a bigger and better home.  The seller of the bigger and better home took the smaller home(they wanted to downsize) in trade and were paid the difference in cash by the buyer.  If you are moving up or down in the market, trades are a great way to make a move without having to wait and sell your exisitng property to move to the replacement property.  Trades thrive in a market with available inventory.

Hilton Head Trades we have completed:

  • A 1 bedroom condo for 2 bedroom condo(this was a trade down and sell strategy for our client)
  • A Small House for Bigger House
  • A big house for a smaller house
  • 2 bedroom condo for big house
  • 2 condos for one house
  • Timeshares/Quartershares for home

Hilton Head Trades Delta’s

The key to the trade is determining an accepable difference in price between the two properties.  This can be determined by appraisal, wholesale or retail value.  If you are interested in Trading, check out the properties below to see if any of them match what you are looking for, or let us know about your property and we will see if we have any interest from others that wish to trade.

Seller has a:                                                                                 and will trade YA for a:

  1. A 5 bedroom home in Leamington                                    home in Belfair or beach condo
  2. A oceanfront home in Forest Beach                                  an oceanfront teardown/lot
  3. A Beautiful 4 bedroom home                                             A home in Windmill Harbour
  4. A 3 bedroom Waterfront Villa                                            A villa near the beach
  5. A 4 bedroom home near the beach                                   Marshfront home
  6. Trade your vacation condo                                                 for a permanent residence
  7. Trade your 2nd home                                                         for a vacation rental property
  8. Trade your homesite                                                           for a rental property or home

You can view many of the above properties by clicking.  Please feel free to call o email me to discuss the process at robbie@robbiebunting.com.  Trades are a great way to save time and money.  Let us know your thoughts.  Thank you.

Happy Trading~

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers