You can’t be a Dinosaur if you buy, sell or work in Real Estate.  The real estate market is evolving everyday and we will all survive.  We just have to change the way we do business.   Already we have had buyers finding, researching and negotiating properties without ever walking in our door.  These buyers are prepared to make a bid and want our help with the market research and of course they want to be sold.

Buyers, Sellers and Agents are Evolving

  1. Finding property ~ Our Hilton Head Buyers used to walk into our office or picked up a few magazines to find a property.  Now all they need is a computer to, and
  2. Gathering Market Research ~ Computers can help buyers find a tax calculator, help them check out the neighboring properties, help them find out what the property sold for(or what is owed) and can even provide them more information about their agent, the buyer or the seller.
  3. Buying or selling Hilton Head property ~ In the last few years our buyers and sellers have found properties on facebook, Trulia, Zillow and many of our other sites.  Not only do they find the property, but they can gather all the information they need to buy.

What is next for Hilton Head Real Estate

After showing real estate from one end of the Island to the other day, I look forward to putting on my virtual sunglasses and my virtual flip flops and showing you some of our great properties without ever leaving the office.  If you are ready to take a visual tour and make an bid without ever seeing the property, this on line questionnaire will help you get started, just click here.