Update November 2015.  Home-sites and land in the Hilton Head Area offer a “buy land” timing opportunity.  Click here for a great article and update that supports the information below.  Just send a request and we will send you the best land buys in the Hilton Head Area including Daufuskie, Hilton Head Island and Bluffton.  You can also search all the areas on-line, please click here.

Vacant home-sites are selling at compelling prices on Hilton Head.

I was doing some research for a client of mine recently and could not believe the value found in land on Hilton Head Island.   Lot prices have gone to compelling as they have competed with homes that were being sold for less than the cost of replacement.  Now that the home inventories(not all areas) have stabilized, land values are now attractive once again.  Do you remember Rick Murray’s article on supply and demand “Spotted Bananas”?

Timing is everything  on Hilton Head Island

If you had the chance to read the WSJ article about golf lots selling for $1 in the golf communities around Hilton Head recently, you might just believe that the only reason these lots will sell is great golf. The truth however is that once the music stops there simply will not be enough properties for all those baby boomer that want to live in Hilton Head area someday.

Who buys lots(home-sites) on Hilton Head Island?

The buyers of land(home-sites) can get their foot in the door with one of the easiest forms of ownership.   After all, lots do not require repair or maintenance other than the occasional bush hog and are purchased for their potential for appreciation.  The only costs associated with a lot is the community fee, taxes and any membership that may be required.  As well, most lots do not have a time limit on the start of construction and can be “landbanked” for some day.

Whoever owns the last lot on an Island WINS!

Land on an Hilton Head is valuable, especially an Island with subtropical temperatures that is now almost 97% developed, .  With land on sale right now, timing has never been better to buy the lot next door to your property.  Even if you just buy it as a buffer, whoever owns the last vacant lot on Hilton Head wins.  If it is not listed, shoot us an e-mail and we will find out if the owner is interested in selling and at what price.

Compelling prices for Hilton Head Homesites

We have an amazing array of home-sites that have been reduced in price as a result of growing inventories. This puts both timing and negotiation on a lot buyers side.  If this sounds interesting, let us know, as we have house plans, possible financing, creative ideas for the lot next door(even if it is not listed) and even some special programs if you want to buy a lot to build a new home and sell your existing home or villa.