Do you dream of building a new home some day on Hilton Head Island?  Let me tell you about a school teacher that I met that lives in a beautiful home on the Island.  What a great forward thinker.  She not only bought a lot, but she also built her dream home 10 years before she retired.  She than rented the home until she was ready to make her move.  Twenty years ago, like right now, land was cheap, mortgage rates were low and construction was affordable.  Amazing what you can learn from a school teacher.

Business Now, Pleasure Later

If you dream of moving to Hilton Head someday, the long term rental market could be the solution you are looking for.  Not only can you get into the real estate market, you can make headway into your future retirement.  Knowing the costs associated with your retirement in todays dollars instead of guessing or taking risks as to these future costs can put you ahead of the baby boomers and give you confidence to buy a great lot and start building.  It really should be mentioned that getting qualified for a mortgage while you have a source of income is easier than after retirement.  So forget the investment property, build your retirement home now and rent it long term.

Seize the Opportunity with a Long Term Tenant

Keith Miller of Miller Long Term Rentals(password: gator) said, “During the past 6 months we have had owners start construction of homes that they will eventually move to in 3 to 5 years.  They are placing the property on our long-term rental market to help offset some of their carrying cost. With the shortage of available long term rentals, the prospect of getting a home rented sooner than later is excellent. We even have been asked to identify a good house plan that will appeal to renters”.  If you would like contact Keith directly to review a property or house plan for its rental potential please contact him at (843)682-4310 or email

Demand is growing for New Homes on Hilton Head

The information below is provided by Alan Perry at Synovous Bank.  His bank provides lot loan financing on Hilton Head (up to 75% ltv) and construction loans.  Alan wrote “Are the home builders foreshadowing the future of the housing market? We sure hope so, because builder sentiment suggests better days ahead.  We say that because the home builder sentiment index surged a whopping six points to 35 in July. The monthly improvement is the largest in nearly 10 years, and it lifts the index up to where it was in March 2007. What’s more, the posting wasn’t skewed by a few bullish outliers. All regions reported gains. Looking ahead, the expectation is that sales will continue to improve over the next six months.   Alan R Perry is a Loan Officer, (NMLS License #866734) and can be reached at 843-681-2416 or

Great builders are still standing on Hilton Head

Scott Bunting at Bunting Construction added, “Locally, new home construction is building steam. Hilton Head Island saw the number of new single family home permits increase 50% from May to June.  This dollar volume was a 48% increase.”  Bunting goes on to say, “Now is the time to build your retirement home because interest rates are low, land values are compelling and only the best contractors will be the ones that put your home together!”  Scott Bunting can be reached at (843)384-7468 or

Great Home-sites on Hilton Head

Home-sites.  You are absolutely crazy if you do not look at the present value of vacant land on Hilton Head Island today.  The lot next, the lot for sale in The Paddocks or Palmetto Hall or around the Islands offer opportunities.  Even if you just want to get your foot in the door and have no future commitment yet, vacant home-sites have never made more sense on Hilton Head Island.  We would love to introduce you to a great lot, a great builder or a rental agent to help you make a plan, just email or call us toll free at 800-932-3652.  Thank you for reading.