The dominos are falling on Hilton Head Island.  When one seller becomes a buyer and than that seller becomes a buyer the real estate market on the Island starts moving.  Just a few years ago these chain reactions were scarce.   Today with the fear of losing the low interest rates, the flow of buyer confidence, the selling season and great properties, dominos are falling once again.  Below is a domino chain we are tracking with several related transactions(dominos) so far!.

The Domino’s on Hilton Head Island

We traced a sale back recently and found that with our first client, we completed the following domino chain reaction:

  1. We sold a villa in Shipyard for our seller client
  2. This seller client bought a big home in Indigo Run
  3. The sellers client’s family bought a home at Broad Pointe too.
  4. The buyer of the villa sold it to buy a Palmetto Hall Home
  5. The seller of the Palmetto Hall home bought a Windmill Harbour Home
  6. The seller of the Windmill Home is going to buy another home..

Over the Hilton Head Bridge

We are not sure how long this chain will be, but it is our goal to stack up enough that the domino’s will keep falling.  This chain may go over the bridge, down to Florida, up to the north east and back down to us again.  We will keep you posted on the next domino.  If you have a domino chain going…we would love to be a apart of your domino chain and hear about it, too.  After all we love playing dominos!   All the best,  Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers.