Hilton Head Properties welcomes Tad Segars as Partner.  Prior to entering his real estate career over 26 years, Tad co-owned the beach service on Hilton Head Island.  Working the beach everyday, Tad knows these beaches better than anyone.  This short video is why the Hilton Head Beaches are the best in the world!

Safe Surf on Hilton Head

Hilton Head’s Beaches offer two body guards that are sandbars on each end of the Island.  Joiner Banks on the north and Gaskin Banks on the south catch the really bad stuff before it hits the shores.  These two sandbars come together about a mile offshore and help make our waters both swimmer and child friendly.  No matter the age from toddler to elderly, sitting in the Hilton Head surf brings smiles.

Hilton Head, The Best in the World


A1A on Hilton Head

Hilton Head’s beach offers 11 miles of walk and bike-ability.  The sugar sand of Hilton Head is just hard enough to be excellent for walking, biking or jogging.  In fact, Hilton Head beachgoers do not have to travel by car to get to a different beach, they can barefoot it from one beach to the next.   Of course, plan carefully to walk through the Folly at low tide otherwise you may have to swim!

11 miles of the Best Beaches in the World

Hilton Head’s Beach is Tops

Google Top Beach and you are sure to see Hilton Head’s Beaches pop up in these searches time and time again.  A quick search and we found Hilton Head has been named #1 Beach in 2010 by Fox News, #2 beach by 10Best.com and #6 by US News Travel.  When it comes to swimming, walking, biking, sand, and room to spare, it is hard to find a more perfect beach in the World.  Please contact Hilton Head Properties or Tad Segars, Hilton Head’s Beach Guru at (843)785-7111 or email info@hiltonheadproperties.com .