Imperial Pest“Why do I need a CL100 when I buy or sell a home or villa on Hilton Head?” I’m not sure where the name comes from, but a smarter title, which appears on the report itself, “OFFICIAL SOUTH CAROLINA WOOD INFESTATION REPORT”, makes alot more sense.  During a sale of structural property in South Carolina involving a lending institution, the CL-100 will usually be a mandatory report at closing.  In most conventional cases, the seller is responsible for the CL-100.  A thorough, professional inspection is part of every CL100. The report will point out any water-damage issues, however small they may be.  It’s important to know that the CL-100 will only report water and fungal damage that is “below the first main floor”.

What else does a CL100 Report Include?

There are a number of things we look for during a CL-100 inspection.  Most notably are termites, wood-destroying beetles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, and wood-decay fungi.  The concentration of these wood damaging forces in the Hilton Head area is very high due to our hot and moist climate. Also, the majority of structures (especially residential) in our area are constructed with wood! Fairly soft White Pine to be exact.  A seemingly preferred species for termites and a common choice for structure-infesting Powder Post Beetles.

When should I do a Cl100?

The CL-100 report is only valid for 30 days prior to a property closes.  Because of this time constraint, many issues, large and small, are not discovered or addressed until the end of the sales process.  Often, we are not contracted to perform a CL-100 until just several days before a scheduled closing.  This creates a last minute bit of anxiety and sometimes a closing delay.

Our Pre-CL100 Program

In an attempt to avoid these last minute surprises and stresses, Imperial Pest Controllers is introducing a new program whereby we are offering homeowners the opportunity to order a pre cl 100 that can be done at any time.  This “pre” CL-100 can be performed even if you are only just beginning the process of listing your home.  We can identify and report on issues that can be addresssed in the beginning, rather than the end of your home-selling experience.  Most reported items will be worth fixing, whether or not your house gets sold or not!  WE WILL THEN RETURN AND PERFORM A 2ND CL-100 WITHIN 30 DAYS OF CLOSING.  The best part of this offer, we have reduced the costs so that you pay almost the same amount of money for two CL-100’s as you would normally pay for one last minute CL-100. See attached form for more details.  If you have questions  or are interested in having an inspection done,  my name is Greg John.  I am an owner of Imperial Pest Controllers, Inc.  We have been in business on Hilton Head Island and the Bluffton area for over 23 years.  Our phone # is: (843)681-7352 or you may email us at: Website: