We just sold an oceanfront property in Palmetto Dunes that brought the marketing time to 30 days and a closing date in 29 days.  The seller had been looking for a closing date for over 2 years and the auction process put a spotlight on this property that traditional marketing could not.  Within days, there were inquiries from around the world and 8 registrered bidders showed up on March 8, 2013 to bid.  While an auction may not appeal to every seller, the thirty day sale can easily be achieved with just a few good systems in place.

Hilton Head Properties – A Great first impression

Real estate buyers shop photos, virtual tours and descriptions, in that order.  You never get a second chance for the first impression with anything less than great content. In fact, many websites that host new listings are uploaded from the information that is entered the first day into the the MLS.  Nothing will be seen on these sites if the first day is missed. It is also suggested that it is best to enter a new listing in the morning on a weekday because it will produce better results agents pay more attention to their hot-sheets when they are in the office.

Hilton Head Properties – Spread the Word

The internet provides a great springboard for Hilton Head Properties to be found wherever the buyer is looking, but participation is required.  Sellers, agents and brokers need to embrace new systems to reach out to these buyers with e-blasts, free websites, linked partnerships, social media, blogging, youtubes and website subscriptions.  We never know where the buyers will end up finding your property listed for sale, so our goal is to be everywhere they visit.

Hilton Head Proeprties – Test and Measure All Activity

Tracking activity on your Hilton Head Property has never been easier.  We test and measure virtual visits, actual showings and activity to determine the effectiveness of our marketing programs.  For example, every Thursday sellers recieve via email a list of how many “virtual visitors” they had in their property.  This system shows us whether or not our marketing programs are working and we send it to the seller.  If we see a drop in these visits we know that we need to increase our marketing efforts.  Our goal is to see the number of virtual showings increasing, if this happens and we do not generate actual showings, offers or contracts we need to review condition, location or price…cause we know it is not marketing.

Make it easy for your Hilton Head Agent to succeed

When a seller decides to really trust his Hilton Head Real Estate agent, a sale is eminent.  A sale hinges on trust and a fiduciary relationship between agent and seller.  Seller participation includes working side by side to provide good condition, fix and repair as necessary, provide easy access and reacting to pricing feedback in a timely manner.  Some sellers care more about the price than the sale and for these sellers, a 30 day sale is not possible.  In fact, sellers  are wasting their time and the agents resources when they do not adjust value based on feedback.  Our most succesful sellers are those that are pro-active and participate in a fiduciary relationship!

Hilton Head Sellers Systems

Our goal is to put your home forward of the market and achieve the highest price possible in 30 days using great marketing.  If you would like to have a confidential, no obligation phone conversation about our marketing programs or the market, please call or email anytime.  We are excited to be bringing great marketing to our Hilton Head, Bluffton and Daufuskei  and look forward to your reply.  Thank you.