A few years back, brave heart buyers were rewarded with great prices on Hilton Head.  This can be considered perfect timing.  In general though we were missing confidence in the overall economy therefore many buyers sat on the fence.  It is hard at best to time purchases like real estate but when all the variables including price, condition, location, value, rental and economy come together we find perfect alignment for our Hilton Head Buyers.  It’s better than perfect timing! 

Perfect Alignment for Hilton Head Buyers

  • Interest Rates.  We have mortage money available in the 2-3.5% range.  Someday not too far in the future it will be hasta la vista baby to these incredible rates.  Is it worth waiting until the next season or visit to Hilton Head?  For every 1% that interest rates rise, a potential buyer loses 10% of their buying power.
  • Incredible prices. The prices on Hilton Head Real Estate have been dragged and pushed to the point of compelling.  Not to say they are going up, but the last few years of market comps have made them compelling values.
  • Incredible properties.  It is not normal real estate that we are offering for sale in the present market on Hilton Head Island.  It is the pick of the litter.  These properties offer the best in location, the best in condition and are properties that do not come up for sale when there is a better economy.
  • Owner Direct Rentals.  VRBO has made it possible for owners to generate their own rentals.  Pro-active owners are now boosting their bottom lines, increasing their “off-season” rentals and putting money into their pockets during times of year when their property used to sit empty.
  • Summer Income ahead.  Peak Hilton Head rentals start heating up June 1 and don’t cool down until mid September when the northern kids head back to school.  Buyers that can find and close on a Hilton Head rental property prior to the summer season can scoop up rental income that will help defray the cost of their recent purchase.

The window of opportunity on Hilton Head

While confidence is a good thing in the real estate market, as it increases, the window of opportunity for perfect alignment will begin to close. We are already feeling the pinch with our inventories.  While we will welcome the shift back to a more stabilized market, this perfect alignment should be taken seriously by anyone still on the fence!  Happy Hilton Head.