There will be no pity in be-back city for Hilton Head buyers after this summer.   While many have been lucky the last few years in delaying their Hilton Head purchasing decision, market research shows supply dropping as buyers get off the fence.  Buyer confidence is building and even higher priced properties are dropping in supply shown by the table below.  Looks like local REALTORS, lenders, inspectors and attorneys are going to have a HOT summer on Hilton Head in 2013!

Hilton Head Market Resarch for Homes

Hilton Head Sizzles

Hilton Head buyers will be serious this summer.   In the past few years, all the factors were in place except buyer confidence.  This confidence comes from positive articles regarding 2nd home properties, supportive cocktail party chatter, friends, family, acquaintances and that sense of urgency that comes from historical low interest rates.   This can be seen above in the Hilton Head Market Trend Report which shows the supply of homes under a million dropping by half in some cases compared to last years inventory.  Higher priced buyers should note that this market is building from the bottom up, so they too should make their move soon.

Hilton Head Pre-visit Approval

David Crowell with Mortgage Network suggests to summer buyers to get pre-approved before they visit.  That way, should they find a Hilton Head Property that is a perfect match they can make an offer with confidence.  ,To begin the process, call your local Hilton Head lender, or David Crowell to schedule a phone appointment.  Typically these appointments take less than an hour and pending any verifications, a pre-approval letter can be issued prior to visiting Hilton Head Island.