Google_JuiceNever thought Google could help sell a home, but we have written up 3 contracts in the last few days where the buyer made their offers “site unseen”.  These buyers may never have seen the property, but they know it well.  Their decision is based on Google, Zillow, MLS and all the internet research they have completed. They looked at all the photos, the virtual tours, checked out the location with Google Earth and even visited the courthouse online to review the relevant history of the property.

Your eyes and ears on Hilton Head

When we get the call from one of our buyers asking about a specific property we jump in the car and go see the property often with our buyer on the phone, confirming what it has and does not have.  We dig for more information about the property and email our market research, costs and seller disclosure information to our buyer.  The more information the buyer has the more comfortable buying site unseen.

Writing the offer on Hilton Head

Simple contingencies for due diligence including home inspections or financing are somewhat standard in the current Hilton Head real estate market.  While some buyers would like to visit the property physically, timing does not always allow this, especially with priced to sell properties.  If a purchaser does not have enough information to make a purchasing decision without physically visiting, we have negotiated a contingency for an “on-site visit satisfactory to purchaser” within a reasonable amount of time coordinated with the above contingencies, but lately that has not been necessary. The buyer can get everything they need on the net.

A HOT property on Hilton Head

New listings or properties that have been recently adjusted in price to reflect value sell fast on Hilton Head.  With over 2.5 million visitors a year that are living in other states and a great many of these surfing the internet for property in the Hilton Head area, the properties that offer condition, location and value are in high demand.  There is always a buyer on the Island that can get the jump on them.  When great properties pop up on the internet, an out of state buyer needs to move fast or be prepared to settle for less.

Serious Buyers on Hilton Head

When you see a property that matches all of your needs, get a REALTOR involved. Have them be your ground crew. They can get all the research and information for you to move fast in the market.  If you cannot make the decision site unseen, jump into a plane or car now.  A hot property will wait for no one.  Good luck… and call us or your REALTOR.  With almost 50% of the properties selling on the internet, timing is everything.   Give us a call, we will JUMP.  Our office phone is (843)785-7111 or our email is