2013 HNY-Hilton HeadWe are “leaning in” to get our properties sold before the New Year.  The inventories that we were throwing on the shelf 2-3 years ago are now flowing back into the market keeping prices in check.  It is decision time and waiting another year to sell, will most likely cost money to get there.  We are tweaking photos, content and even location to get our sellers to the finish line.

Photos of Hilton Head Properties

Over 94% of all buyers go to the internet to find their Hilton Head property and great photos and virtual tours make a huge difference.  Because selection exists, dark blurry photos will even keep some showings from ever happening. We have learned that lightening the photos before downloading them will make them pop.  This small tweak to the marketing effort can make a big difference to the buyers that are scanning the internet and the number of buyers walking in the door.  With a limit to 25 photos in our MLS, we try to make every one count.

Descriptions for Hilton Head Properties

Gone are the days with only the words “Great House” in the description.  Today’s Hilton Head buyers are flipping through properties on the internet and are passing over properties that have little or no information available.  The wording we choose includes improvements, the Island lifestyle, upgrades, views and unique qualities.  One article stated that good descriptions can even add value to the ultimate selling price, so goose up the content because only 600 characters can be added.

Condition Counts for Hilton Head Properties

We have had homes that sold because we painted the two columns on the front porch and the new color made the entire house pop,  we sold a home after we limbed up the trees in the back yard to open up the view.  Condition is big when it comes to selling a home.  Remember the first impression rule.  You have one shot!  We would be happy to send a report of the items we believe need to be done in order to get our properties sold.  After doing this for almost 30 years we have developed an eye and know what needs to be done and what does not.

Location of Hilton Head Properties

The beauty in living on a subtropical Island is that all of our properties offer location and we push this forward in our listing photos and descriptions.  Location becomes a huge factor for retirees and second home buyers because they are buying the Island lifestyle and the nearby amenities add value to the location.   Lifestyle  photos of the beach, golf, club, tennis, bike trails or even the weather all add value to the marketing, the showings and the offer.   Adding  a few community or Island photos can build value for our properties.

Selling is an art.

When it comes down to it, everything works when it comes time to selling a Hilton Head property.  Tweaking photos, adding good quality content, improving condition and adjusting value are all required to win in this very competitive market.  Not just one and done, but throughout the process  until the contract is signed.  With 36 days before Thanksgiving and 70 days until the new year, time is of the essence for sellers that want their property closed in 2013.