Million Dollar Homes Hilton Head Island, SC – The million dollar luxury buyer on Hilton Head Island is making their move.  Inventories have dipped from last year on these million dollar properties as these buyers pick up stride.  Reasons include fewer lower priced alternatives, low jumbo mortgage rates,  a rising stock market, incredible values and just great properties like this one for sale   Below are the reason why.

The bottom is here for Million Dollar Buyers

During the recession, dropping price was the best way to attract buyers away from comparable properties.   Buyers in the past could just sit and wait for either the price to change or a new listing to enter the market.  Now there are fewer price changes and fewer new listings.  We have also seen a handful of price increases in these higher end homes.  However, they still offer some negotiability.  Just last month our million dollar Hilton Homes averaged approximately 91% of their asking price giving buyers a little wiggle room.

We are all part of the same “food chain”

Hilton Head Islands real estate market has been recovering from the bottom up.  During the deepest part of the recession, the fastest moving homes were those that were listed below $500,000.  As this supply was taken off the market with sales, buyers had to move their purchase price up across the board.  Realtor Magazine states in this article, the higher priced properties are now driving the housing recovery.  We are also hearing and seeing buyers move from other states around the nation as their higher priced properties finally sell.

Months of Supply has dropped for Million Dollar Properties

The months of supply in the $1 – $2 Million dollar priced properties on Hilton Head has dropped by almost 70% over last year.  While the over $2 million dollar property supply has dropped slightly this is the next market segment to see change as this market builds from the bottom.  Million dollar buyers still can find some beautiful properties offering premier locations for sale today on Hilton Head Island.   Please note however, the increase in buyer traffic will have impact on both selection and price.

How to find and buy a great million dollar property on Hilton Head

We have every internet search gadget there is, but when it comes right down to it, nothing is better than having us call you from the property of interest.  You can start your search here, and if you email us, we will set you up on a free link that emails you in real time as properties enter the market or price range you are looking for.  It is nice to have you back, let us know how we can make this happen.

One final word…Hilton Head, can you hear the rumble?

The recession may have been a speed bump for the aging baby boomers, but in their retirement and golden years baby~boomers want warm weather and the ocean nearby.  Do not wait too long to get your foot in the door on Hilton Head Island as chilly boomers are now turning 60 at the rate of 8,000 a day and represent 38% of our total population in this country.    Our recommendation is to be ahead of this herd!  We can hear the rumble and based on recent sales…make plans now!