Hilton Head Real Estate Sales 5 yearsThere are different types of buyers that flow into the Hilton Head real estate market market at different times of  the year.  While these buyers can show up anytime, there is definitely a trend here.  Based on our buyers behavior patterns, this is the real estate that we typically sell at different times of the year.

Wintertime – Hilton Head Properties

Buyers show up in December, January and February and are scouting Hilton Head Island and other areas for retirement.  These buyers travel down the south east coast and up the west coast of Florida searching for the perfect retirement spot.  Their primary focus is residential properties that offer warm weather with the ocean nearby.  It should be noted that residential sellers should never take their property off the market at this time of year.  There may be fewer showings, but the buyers we see are extremely motivated to make their move at this time of year.

Springtime – Hilton Head Properties

The first azaleas bloom brings these buyers to Hilton Head Island.  These buyers arrive as early as February and continue coming  until the end of May. They have an agenda besides real estate that includes everything outdoors on Hilton Head plus shopping and dining.  Well represented by baby-boomers, these buyers look at all kinds of properties including beach properties, residential homes, villas and home-sites.

Summertime – Hilton Head Properties

Summer buyers start arriving in June and wrap it all up by Labor Day.  Typically beach oriented properties that offer vacation rental income are what these buyers focus on.  These buyers are just not ready to start thinking about residential property.   It should be noted that this buyer spends more per property than at any other time of year buyer as they purchase the more expensive beach oriented properties.  We strongly suggest that sellers that own this type of property to block all rentals if they are serious about selling.  If an agent cannot show the property they will just go to another one that offers access.

The Butterfly Buyer– Hilton Head Properties

If your Hilton Head property is listed for sale during the fall, watch for the Butterflies!  Butterflies and baby boomers show up in the fall on Hilton Head as they make their migration south.   Historically we sell more properties in October than any other time of year as these buyers fall in love with the Spanish Moss and Moonbeams.  These buyers are like our spring buyers and they are visiting the Island for fun and play as they shop all of our real estate including homes, home-sites, beach oriented or villas.

The best time to sell or buy – Hilton Head Properties

If you are contemplating a move to Hilton Head Island, the winter months ahead offer easier access and a more relaxed pace to shop for property.  If you are a seller, the wintertime is the perfect time to get your property listed for sale.  Buyers of rental properties are shopping now for their spring visit and winter buyers are already scouting out the properties they want to see in the days ahead.  Let us know by email and we will help you get your shopping list in order or help you get your property sold.