Market OverviewAre you wondering what the Hilton Head Real Estate Market activity has been recently?  We have put together market research which is easy to understand.  Our monthly market updates will include trends keeping an eye on sales, inventories, negotiations and market research that can help you save time and or money.

Hilton Head “Island” Real Estate Market stats for December 2013 vs December 2012

Sales increased on the Island this past December by 20 % for homes and 29% for villas.  Lots saw the most activity with an increase in sales of 70% for lots under $350,000.  Inventories were held in check and saw no substantial change as listing sifted back into the market replacing the properties that were sold.  Listing prices saw 3% more negotiation in 2013, but the good news was the average selling price was up also up by 4% in December 2013 over December 2012.

  • Demand – In December 2013, 37 homes, 32 villas, and 10 lots went under contract.  In December 2012, 31 homes, 23 villas and 12 lots went under contract on Hilton Head Island.
  • Supply  – In December of 2012 we had 606 homes for sale and in December 2013 we had 606 homes for sale on Hilton Head Island.  We have seen an increase in homes available under $750,000.  Active villas for sale in December 2012 were 605 and in December 2013  we had 595 listed for sale.  Most noticeable were lots for sale as we had 289 in December 2013 vs. 348 in December 2012.
  • Average Listing Price to Selling price – In December 2012 the average was 93% and was 90% in 2013.
  • Average selling Price – Average selling price was $644,000 in December 2013 and $619,000 in December 2012.

Bluffton Real Estate Market stats for December 2013 vs December 2012

Prices moved up in Bluffton with an average increase of 10% compared to December 2012.  There was 1% less in negotiation in 2013 as prices firmed up over the year prior.

  • Demand – In December 2013 79 homes sold compared to 95 homes sold in December 2012.
  • Supply – There are currently 504 homes, 19 villas and 629 lot listings in Bluffton
  • Average List to Selling Price – Average list to sell was 98% in 2013 compared to 97% in 2012 in Bluffton
  • Average Selling Price – Average selling price was $268,000 in December 2013 and $243,000 in 2012

Daufuskie Real Estate Market stats for December 2013 vs December 2012

We are adding market research on Daufuskie and anticipate increases in sales and general activity as prices increase on the mainland.

  • Demand – There were no homes sold in December 2013 and 1 home sold in December 2012
  • Supply – There are currently 37 homes , 15 Villas and 169 lots on the market on Daufuskie

Market Analysis for Hilton Head, Bluffton and Daufuskie Real Estate

The amount of houses entering the market has equaled the number of buyers jumping into the market recently.  The reason is many would be sellers in the last few years sat on the bench as they waited around for both a higher price and the buyer’s return.  The lower end of the market remains strong and we are finally seeing an increased demand on some of our higher end properties.  This is probably due to prices building from the bottom up on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton.  Last months increase in home and villa sales reflect an unseasonal increase that we believe will continue to build in momentum in the selling seasons ahead.  As long as interest rates are held in check.