Harbourtown OakUpdate March 14, 2014…the Senate approved the bill February 13, 2014. We have come across a few articles, some helpful links and insurance people that we have listed below if you have any questions.  Please feel free to forward this information or contact them directly.  Thank you.

The Flood Insurance Bill

Insurance links and Ideas

Insurance Agents that have emailed me recently:

  • Scott Callen/Rita Manley Agency:  When you are looking to insure a home in the Hilton Head Area, ask your real estate agent for  an elevation certificate of the home you are looking at and forward it to a local insurance agent.  If you cannot get your hands on one, your insurance agent may have means to get one and will review the property to quote for flood insurance.  (Scott has been very responsive when requesting this information.)
  • Jeff Halseth/Coastal Plains New buyers and agents should look into assuming the sellers flood policy when buying a property in the Hilton Head area.  “Assuming” the seller’s flood policy will allow you to retain the existing policy and documentation that was effective prior to when the Biggert-Waters Act was passed on July 6, 2012. Thus, if the result of the proposed legislation ends up being more favorable for Pre-FIRM policies that existed prior to the Biggert-Waters Act, than for new policies purchased after Biggert-Waters was passed, the buyer would be eligible to have the more favorable rating restored.