Hilton_Head_Properties One shot at a great first impression – Buyers no longer jump in the car to check out a property.  In fact, over 90% of all real estate searches start on the internet.  Therefore, just as important as mowing the lawn and painting the front door in anticipation of the buyer are high quality photos and content on the internet.   We all have passed over the listing with dark photos and “Great House” in the remarks looking for something better.  The first impression makes a difference more than ever on the internet.

Marketing should include more than an MLS Listing

Uploading the property into the Multiple Listing Service(MLS) is not the end to the marketing programs, it is just the beginning.  Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a property, for the purpose of selling it.  Because every property is different, every marketing proposal should be different.   Marketing can include financing options, aerial photography, tours, luncheons, visual tours, international marketing, emails, networks, mailings  and many different marketing platforms.  These marketing options are not included just because a property is listed in the MLS.

Sellers control their Destiny

Sellers control several key components in the sale.  While agents set marketing programs into motion, the seller controls condition, price and access.    The way a seller uses a property is completely different than the way they need to sell a property.   Staging, a little paint, de-cluttering and setting up the property for success are all very important.   It’s lights camera and action.  If selling is more important than rental income, it is time to take your property off the rental market.  When it comes to price, if there are no inquiries, no showings and no offers, there is really only one problem, price.

Trends Don’t lie

Monthly trends show where the real estate market has been and where it may be going.  A Market Trends March 2014 shows inventory(supply), sales(demand), list to sell ratios(negotiability), months of supply(competition) and days on market.  All these variables are important in determining a selling strategy for a seller or buyer.  Local Market Trends do not lie, and should be considered when buying and selling.  They can help guide a buyer or seller to make an informed decision.