Harbourtown AerialThe aerial photo drone is a game changer in marketing resort real estate.  Selling resort real estate is not just about marketing property, it’s about selling lifestyle and amenities.  High resolution aerial photography shows the location to nearby value builders including the beach, golf, tennis, marinas, marshes and lagoons.  We are now using aerial photography in all of our Hilton Head listings as it helps us sell the sizzle. 

Showcase Property and the Amenities

Drone Photography on Hilton Head allows potential buyers to see the nearby amenities, the community and the property all in one photograph.   Check out some of the great drone shots Jeremy Koch took recently:

North Shore Aerial


Harbourtown Aerial

Singleton Aerial Photo

90 Sandcastle

Spanish Wells - Brams Point

Palmetto Dunes Aerial Photo

28 Percheron


Firethorn Lane Location

32 Full Sweep Aerial