191 Mooring BuoyWhen it comes to selling real estate Albert Einstein was right on when he said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  We will not let a listing just sit and expect different results, therefore we are constantly tweaking our Hilton Head properties to make them sell.  What’s tweaking got to do with selling?  Everything!

Tweaking the Outside to Sell

A property really has only one shot at a good first impression.  This starts from inside the car as we pull up to the curb.  Our recommendations will often include pressure washing the front porch and walkway.  Pressure washing is very reasonable and it is amazing how it brings the best out in a property.  As well, we will often recommend planting flowers, cleaning up the front door and hardware.  If a property is on a view, but cannot be seen because of branches or landscaping, we will open up the view to maximize the “emotional value” of the property.  For vacant lots we bush hog the undergrowth, trim up trees and stake the four corners so they are easier for a prospective purchaser to walk on and see.  The goal always with tweaking is to increase value and sell-ability.

Tweaking the Inside to Sell

From the time a prospective purchaser steps inside a property, it is lights, camera and action.  All interior lighting should be on(especially with second showings), soft music playing and all window coverings open.  Some times we will recommend moving furnishings, removing furnishings or adding furnishings to help a property sell.  Sellers need to understand the way to sell a property is often very different than the way they have lived in it.   Our interior decorator will help a seller “push and shove” furniture if it is needed for a few hours at our expense.  If it is a vacation property, with the owners approval we will handle these small tweaks.

Tweaking the listing content to Sell

While every Hilton Head property is unique, we know just what needs to be done to get it sold.  Sometimes it is a process, where we uncover objections from the prospective purchasers or agents, or we have new ideas on what needs  to be tweaked.  By changing photos around, adding new documents that add value for the property including updated rental information, property improvements and value building information, it is amazing how all of a sudden a listing that has gotten little attention turns hot!  Tweaking is something we do with our properties every day.

Free Property Review and Recommendation list

If you are contemplating selling your Hilton Head Property, just let us know how we can get access to your property and we will provide a Free Tweak List.  This list will include everything that we would recommend if you were to enter the real estate market.  Our list of tweaks will include “have to’s” and other ideas to increase the bottom line and get the property sold.  We have all the service people needed to get any property ready for the market no matter what needs to be done.  Email me today for your free “tweak list”  or call anytime at (843)785-7111 ext. 1.  Thank you.