real seasons_0001Sellers and buyers take note, the busiest selling season on Hilton Head Real Estate is not summer!  Summertime, the agenda for most visitors is a vacation with maybe a quick last minute visit with a local Realtor.  Actually, the best two selling seasons are Spring and Fall with the biggest selling months October and April on  Hilton Head Island.

The best selling seasons on Hilton Head

If you were looking for the freshest inventory a good rule of thumb is before the “first azalea bloom” in the spring and before the “first monarch butterfly” sighting in the fall.  Inventories tend to build up during summer and winter, therefore the selection of properties is often better during the spring and fall.  In addition, many northeast baby boomers make their pilgrimage in the fall looking for warmer weather before winter hits.  If it’s rental property that is of interest, the fall is really the best time to buy, giving time to get the property ready for the rental season.

Shop for Hilton Head Real Estate in the Spring and Fall

The pace is more relaxed on Hilton Head and the properties  are easier to access during the fall and spring.  Visitors at this time of year also get to enjoy some of the best weather.  We would be happy to assist you in arranging a mini vacation this fall.  Please email or call us for our special accommodation programs that include golf, tennis and the sunny beach.

Thinking of selling your Hilton Head Property this Spring or Fall?

If you would like to explore the benefits of buying or selling on Hilton Head this fall, please contact us.  We can send a list of great properties if you are interested in buying or  a Pre-Listing Questionnaire for your property if you would like to sell.  This report is free and there is no commitment required.  E-mail us at or call us anytime at (843)785-7111.  Thank you.