Tax_Map_Key_for_Hilton_HeadEven if you did not appeal your taxes last year by December 15, 2013, there is still an opportunity to file an appeal this October and before January 15, 2015.   If successful in your appeal, you could enjoy savings for the next four years(rather than five) as our county assesses properties every five years.

Do it Yourself or Hire an Appraiser to Appeal your Hilton Head Taxes

If you are interested in filing an appeal, you can do it yourself or contact a local appraiser for a fee.  Personally, I chose to hire a local appraiser because comparables were difficult to find and I felt a formal appraisal would show value better than if I did it myself.  Although there was no guarantee on my appeal, last month, we received a check in the mail for our overpayment and will be saving over $1000 per year for the next 4 years.  Keep in mind that if you file an appeal in October, you would use sales that closed as of 12/31/2012 and this Beaufort Tax Appeal form.  If you decide to hire an appraiser there is a fee involved.

A tax appeal in Beaufort County could possibly lead to four years of savings.

This is a note from the appraiser we chose to help us with an appraisal to file our appeal:  Nice seeing you today.  So glad to hear about your tax savings that you can enjoy for five years.  As we discussed, even if your clients didn’t appeal their taxes or lost because they didn’t get a formal appraisal there is still time to make an appeal this October.  Of course, the sales data for the appeal is restricted to 2012 and before.  While they lost a years savings, if they are successful, they can enjoy the savings for a total of four years.

Click here to contact a local appraiser in the Hilton Head Area or feel free to contact the appraiser we chose below:   

Bruce A. Goff, Owner Bruce A. Goff, Inc.
50 Sedge Fern Dr / Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
SC Professional Appraisers Coalition, Board/Past Chairman
SC State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, CR29
Licensed SC Real Estate Broker / SC Real Estate & Appraiser Instructor
Voice: (843) 686-4444 / Cell: (843) 683-4444

Website: / Email: