NeptuneThey say “Timing is everything” in life and this is especially true when it comes to Hilton Head real estate.  In the past, the best deals made on the Island were made because the purchaser was lucky and their timing was good.  They just happened to be on Hilton Head Island when a property that matched their needs was on the market.  In today’s market however, a purchaser does not need to count on luck to find the perfect property. 

Perfect timing for Hilton Head Buyers

With no exceptions, buyers should subscribe to an MLS link provided by a Hilton Head Realtor.  This link will automatically email properties that match their search criteria in real time.  Keep in mind, all others websites including Zillow and Trulia are not updating their information this fast.  The best way to get started with a private MLS link is to email me or call and provide the criteria that is important.  Typically we set up a broad search for our clients and tweak the search with their feedback.  The MLS Imput Sheet filled out by a purchaser is a great way to tighten the search criteria.  After all, this is the way the criteria is entered by the sellers agent.

Perfect Timing For Hilton Head Sellers

Sellers should also set up an MLS link with their listing agent.  New listings in their neighborhood, recent solds and changes in price all have impact on the market value of a Hilton Head Sellers property.  It is safe to say that fair market value can change daily, therefore this information can be very helpful to a seller and his agent in determining the best selling strategy.  As well, if you are considering selling or just want to follow the market, an MLS link is the perfect way want to learn more about the market changes.  Please  email your agent to set up a link for your neighborhood.

 Getting Lucky with Hilton Head Real Estate

The key to making these links work is timely communication.  For buyers once a property pops up on the link that looks promising, they should contact their agent to get the scoop on the property asap.  The reason to move quickly is that this information is happening in real time and other buyers are seeing it too.  The buyer that moves the fastest wins.  This goes for sellers as well.  If they see a new listing or recently sold property that is comparable pop up on their link, they should contact their listing agent to review this recent information to see how this impacts their property.  Finding perfect timing all starts with contacting your local Hilton Head MLS agent.

Written By: Robbie Bunting