Hilton Head Properties Realty and RentalsSpeaking with my coach, he told me that there are many that follow conventional wisdom when it is time to sell a property.  Conventional wisdom is what the public and experts believe to be true.  Listed below are reasons that are Contrary to Conventional Wisdom that apply to the Hilton Head Island Real Estate Market.

  • Waiting for Spring to Sell is a good decision – Actually the winter market(November through March) is better because it is less competitive since many sellers tend to wait until the spring to list their properties.  This smaller inventory gives more focus to the newly listed properties that come up in the market.  Check out this article from NAR Winter is the best time.  In fact, an Island property was just listed and sold in 3 days.  If the property offers location, condition and value winter may be the best time to sell!
  • The selling price should be based on the last comparable – Fair market value can change even day to day and a closed comparable typically is 30 – 60 days old(or older) and does not always show present value.  I have leaned from almost 30 years in this business to research market trends and to trust my market senses, when helping a seller price their property to get it sold.  The key is to be honest with yourself and your seller.
  • Summer is the best time to sell – Actually summer may appear to be busier on the Island, but the agenda of the visitor is vacation.  As well, many of these visitors are not yet into planning their future retirement or purchasing a vacation home.  They may pop into a real estate office on Friday afternoon while packing up the mini van, but most are at least a few years away from buying property.
  • Sellers set the selling price – Sellers can try to push selling price up, but they don’t control the market. Market is determined between the buyer and seller and when the market leans one way or the other as in the case of buyers market or sellers market, the buyer or seller have more control.  We are still in a buyers market on Hilton Head with few exceptions.
  • Great Marketing can get a higher price –  Actually even great marketing cannot sell a property for more than it is worth.  Great marketing may get a seller great exposure and showings, but if a property is priced too high, needs work or has a location issue, great marketing cannot fix any of these.  Great marketing will not even sell a $100 pizza!
  • It’s better to wait until the market gets better – Waiting for a higher price in a market that is showing no appreciation is just kicking the ball down the street.  In fact, sellers may end up spending more trying to wait it out than selling today at market value.  Our research including our Market Trends Report is a good way to figure out if it is better to sit or sell.

Helping to determine the best Hilton Head real estate strategy

We welcome the opportunity to talk or communicate via email during the holidays to design the best real estate strategy for you.  If you are interested in our services, I would be happy to preview your property and email you a custom selling strategy for your property.  Just fill out the contact form below and we will get started.  Thank you.