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Did you know there is an ownership program set up on Hilton Head Island that offers multiple weeks of use per year?  This ownership offers 1/5th deeded interest and it is completely hassle free.  We had a client purchase this type of ownership to experience all four seasons before purchasing a full time residence, one couple gave each of their children two weeks to use every year with their families, and other couples have used theirs to escape winter every year.  Prices currently start in the $30,000’s for 10 weeks(1/5 deeded ownership).  What could you do with 10 weeks a year on the Island?

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Hassle Free Ownership on Hilton Head Island

This is the vacation home you always wanted but never bought because you didn’t want to mess with all the details involved with the ownership of a second home. Maintenance is handled by an on-site management company, which is controlled by the Property Owner’s Association. All of the bills including utilities, taxes and insurance are paid by the owners with an easy one time annual maintenance fee billed to each owner.  This ensures that all bills are paid on a timely basis and eliminates the headache of monthly bills for each owner. In addition, an escrow is usually set up to replace and repair the exteriors and interiors, including furnishings, of each unit in order to keep them in tip top condition.  All this, as well as a premium village location within a world class island resort community, walking distance to the beach, a golf & tennis amenity package, and even access to a vacation rental entity that can handle rentals for those owners who are unable to use all of their weeks themselves.

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Two types of Fractional Ownership on Hilton Head

There are two types of fractional ownership on Hilton Head Island, that depend on how you will use it.  With a rotating ownership program, an owner gets 5 two-week ownership periods spread throughout the year in a simple rotation.  Each year the ownership periods adjust so that over a four or five year period, each owner has had access to all 5o weeks of the year with two weeks set aside for maintenance.  With a fixed fractional, the ownership weeks are set up with use of the first 10 weeks of the year consecutively.

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Fractional Ownership Opportunities on Hilton Head Island

If you would like further information on this type of opportunity and what it has to offer, feel free to contact Rich Hodsdon, Broker Associate (rhodsdon2@yahoo.com ~ (843)785-7111/x-6) or Bruce Tuttle, Broker Associate (tuttlehhi@gmail.com – (843)785-7111/x-7).  You may also go online and visit virtually at:  OceanPalmsVillasHHI.com as well as our soon to be released website:  PortRoyalHHI.com.  Thank you!