Living in a staged home for sale is difficult.  Showings take place at all times of the day,   throughout the week and it is hard to maintain that good first impression.  In this short YouTube video, Kelly Hughes shares ideas about staging and living in a home listed for sale.

Your “home” is now a “product” on Hilton Head. 

Your home is now a product for sale, it’s time to treat it that way.  What does a buyer see when they view your home?  Fibber McGee closets, a garage with no room for cars, lack of counter space for more chotzkies and lack of storage are the reasons you are selling, just don’t let them become the reasons it doesn’t sell.

Showcase your home on Hilton Head

Hire a professional to make sure that furnishings and accessories are appropriately placed to best highlight the features and functionality of each space in your home.  The way you live in your home may not be the best way to showcase your home. A professional will help with furniture arrangement and editing of accessories for the best “show ready” look.

Get the entire family on board!

It takes an entire family to sell a house.  Keeping the home tidy on a daily basis requires everyone to chip in.  Divvy up the rooms,  make sure the kids understand that their rooms need to be tidy and all toys need to be put away every day. Have a plan of action in place for those last minute showings. Be flexible and always try to accommodate a showing no matter what, it could be your buyer!

Serious about selling?  Begin packing now. 

Anything not in use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be boxed up stored. This is also a great time to clean out unwanted and unused items. Getting organized now will make moving easier. It also makes your home appear neat and organized which is attractive to buyers.

Faster and more money on Hilton Head

Every sellers dream is to sell their home faster and for more money.  The key is to stage it, clean it, fix it and pack it up before signing the listing.   If you need some direction in staging your home in the Hilton Head area, please contact Kelly Hughes Interiors.  After that contact us to get it SOLD.