Get ahead of the herdWith consumer confidence at the highest level in over  a decade, Millennials, Seven Year Olds, Baby Boomers, Half Backs and Be Backs are all lining up for Hilton Head and Bluffton Real Estate.  Spanish Moss and Moon Beams may be the catalyst, but it’s time for both buyers and sellers to join the herd!

1.  Millennials – One of the largest generations in US History, this group of 93 million was born between 1980 – 2000.  The millennials are now moving into their prime spending and working years.  Hilton Head’s subtropical weather, grocery stores, restaurants and shopping are all on the Millennials shopping list.  Not to mention being close to mom and dad.

2.  Seven Year Olds  – This group is over 9.3 million strong and while they may have lost their property during the foreclosure crisis, many are getting ready to jump back in.   In the next 5 years, over 1.5 million of these seven year olds will buy real estate.  Many of this group lost their properties between 2006 – 2014.  These now credit worthy buyers are a little closer to retirement and the Hilton Head area is on their radar.

3.  Baby Boomers –  Over 8,000 baby boomers will be turning 65 years old every day for the next 15 years.  This group of 77 million will be changing the Hilton Head market, just like they changed the rest of the world.  When they were working, they drove the vacation villa market crazy.  Now with a little more free time and grandkids, these baby boomers have been turning their attention towards homes with a little more closet space and room for the kids.

4.  Half Backs  Half backs are retirees that moved to Florida from somewhere north and then decided to move half way back in order to be closer to family and friends. During the recession, halfbacks sat out on the bench, but now with an active Florida market and a few more years older,  this group will be back in the game.

5.  Be Backs – Hilton Head is a world class destination for over 2.5 million visitors per year.  The be-backs have been returning to Hilton Head for vacation or Holiday for years, some since they were kids.  With consumer confidence the highest it has been in over a decade and attractive villa prices in the Hilton Head area, these be-backs will be signing contracts on their next visit.

Timing is everything!

Hilton Head buyers, agents and sellers all have timing on their side.  Interest rates, a beautiful Island and a choice of properties are all in favor of sales taking place.  Two of the three will go away, but we have seen this happen before.  Nonetheless, Hilton Head Island will still be beautiful.  It is our hope that you get your foot in the door before it is too late.  Check out our featured properties while they last and email us to start researching now!