MomLove you and miss you mom.  This is the first year I have walked this earth without you.  I feel that something is so missing, but I also feel strong.  I feel you are at my side. Inspiring, giving me encouragement, telling me to be kind to myself, to others, not to hurry and to get going. I feel so sad and blessed today.


Mom, how do I say Thank You

My eyes are watering, because I feel so lucky.  Lucky that you were my mom, lucky because I was your son.  I can feel your strength beside me.  When I was a child I wanted to build a fort, you were right there handing me the tools.  I wanted to open a business, you showed me how.  I messed up for a bit, you backed off knowing I would be O.K.  You were always there.  My eyes are still watering.

Mom, you gave me so much

You pushed me out the door when I needed a push, you gave me a hug when I needed a hug.  Sure two hearts can beat the same, but only between a mother and a child.  I think of all the things you gave me…and I will play it forward.  It is my hope that I do it as well as you did.  Never asking for anything, but giving everything.

Moms everywhere

You do not need my encouragement or my words.  Your sense of right comes from within.  It is instinct at its very best.  It may be hard for you, impossible at times, but you grin and bear it.  Not sure how anyone accomplishes as much as you.  I am in awe because you are the reason humans are still human.

Children everywhere

Hug your mom or get on your knees and thank the almighty for your mom.  Time is short.  We all think we have forever.  One minute I am driving with my mom, the next minute I am begging for her life.  You, I are not that different.

Don’t take a chance on Time

The gal in the checkout line told me to “have a Happy Mothers Day”.  I will.  I will also thank every Mom I meet today.  If your mom is still on this earth, go hug her, call her, cherish her.  If you know a mom, do  the same.  Our lives are better.   Thank you Mom!