Nothing like a stabilized economy to kick vacation property sales into high gear!   Prospective buyers for vacation homes and villas have been sitting on the fence waiting for signs that the economy was A-OK before sticking their big toe in the water.  Factors including stable or increasing primary home values across the country and a rebound in stocks give way to confidence that is needed to buy a vacation property.  With summer months ahead, the perfect Buyers storm for vacation properties is about to happen on Hilton Head Island.   Here’s why:

  1. Second home buyers have to feel confidence in the economy before they buy a second home. After all, buying a second home is a want not a need.  This summer on Hilton Head Island, while prospective second home buyers are on the Island for a vacation they will feel compelling reasons to look at vacation properties for sale.
  2. Prices are up almost 10% for sold properties over last year in the Hilton Head Area, but many of the vacation rental properties are still almost 37% off their peak. Summertime visitors on Hilton Head Island will have the opportunity to participate in an incredible sale!  (there is no guarantee values will increase, we are only stating history)
  3. While no one knows when mortgage interest rates will change, what goes down must go up. Summertime visitors will want take advantage of these low interest rates because mortgage interest rates are predicted to increase by 1 point by the end of 2015 which would effect their  buying power by almost 20%.

Contact Your Hilton Head Agent before you arrive!

We have seen an increase in buying activity for vacation homes in the last few months on Hilton Head and the vacation season has not even officially started until schools out and graduations are over. We are encouraging summertime visitors to contact their Hilton Head Properties agent prior to arrival this year because most of the better vacation properties will be rented and require 24 hour advance appointments.  The best way to see every property of interest is to arrive early before checking into your vacation rental on Saturday or plan on leaving for home later on your Saturday checkout in order to see rental properties offered for sale on the turn(between check outs and new check ins).