Hilton Head IslandMoving in the Hilton Head Area is different than moving in other places.  Reasons include narrow roadways, gated communities, weather considerations, same day closing-moving days, POA’s, owners closets and mailbox keys. Just to name a few!



Moving Checklist for Hilton Head Buyers and Sellers:

  • Make a moving folder.  Create a timeline for this folder.  Keep all receipts, ideas, this list and anything else you need to make this easier to find in one spot.
  • Start planning your move before you list your home!  Many of the items on your counter tops, in your closets and in your home can be packed up and stored before your move.  This will help a property sell faster and make your move easier no matter where you are moving to or from.
  • Plan Ahead.  The Hilton Head Area does not have a move out delay for buyers or sellers.  The day of closing buyers are moving in and sellers need to be out.  A little tricky, but it all works out with good planning.
  • Contact Your POA – The narrow roads and gates in many of the communities make access difficult.  Contact your POA prior to moving in or moving out.  Just click here for all POA’s and there phone numbers in the Hilton Head Area.  Many of the POA’s have an online New Resident checklist.
  • Have your attorney arrange the Utility transfer.  We do not want a home or villa to sit without water or air and delays in closing can occur.   Attorneys can arrange the transfer of these important utilities.  Please do not do it yourself!  Be sure to verify this with your attorney.
  • Return your cable box.  Cable companies will continue to bill you until the cable box and cords are returned.  If you won’t be in town, have a friend or your agent pick up the box!  Our cable companies are Hargray or Time Warner.
  • Insurance.  Sellers should only cancel insurance after closing and new buyers should see if the sellers Federal Flood is transferrable.  While you are both at it, check with your insurance company for moving coverage.
  • Address Change Now.  Do not wait the week before closing.  Forward your mail and subscriptions as soon as you have a new address.  You can do this online with the U.S. Post Office.
  • Contact your local mover immediately.  Hilton Head only has a few local movers and they book up fast.  If you are moving locally, contact a local mover before the ink is dry on your contract.
  • Cancel your phone service or transfer it to the new owner (second home owners). Hargray’s phone number is (843)686-5000 and Time Warners phone number is (800)892-2253.
  • Owners Closets.  If this was a second home and you do not plan to be here for closing arrange for the contents of your owners closets to be hauled away or shipped to you.  Many new owners do not need or want what is left behind.
  • Donate it!  There are several area churches, charitable organizations and Goodwill in the area that will pick up usable furniture. As well, these charitable foundations will provide a tax receipt for donations made.
  • Throw it out!  The local dump is on Dillon Road and two off Island.  You can dispose of almost everything including furniture, bagged household trash, and recyclables and there is no fee for this service.  If you are really energetic and do not live in a gated community, host a garage sale.
  • Broom Swept!  After all the work is done, our contract calls for “broom swept” cleaning for the new buyers.  If you are like me that means cleaner than the way I bought it.  This does mean, everything needs to be moved out and hauled away with no debris of any kind left for the new owner.
  • Keys, Manuals, alarm codes and Remotes – Time to dig through the junk drawer for the keys to your mailbox, backdoor, owner closet and front door.  These keys need to be available to the new owner on the day of closing.  You can leave them with your Realtor, your attorney or you can leave all but one behind on the kitchen counter in a visible location.  As well, leave all manuals, alarm codes, garage codes and garage door openers on the kitchen counters.

Add Some Fun!  Put together a moving day survival kit!  Pack up a picnic basket and head off somewhere else for lunch the day before you move or if you are just moving down the street, have a picnic in the backyard of your new home.  If you are moving away, pack a bin with bottled waters, medications, light snacks, toiletries, a couple days of clothes and anything else for your journey. Vans sometimes take a week to get to their destination! If you decide to move back…let us know!