Tax_Map_Key_for_Hilton_HeadIf you purchased Hilton Head Property in 2013 or 2014, and the value established by the County exceeds your purchase price, you may have a basis for an appeal.  In and around August of the year after you purchased your property, you most likely received a notice stating the assessed value of your purchase.   Many ignore the notice and miss the ninety day window to appeal. Good News! You still can appeal and if successful you can enjoy savings.

For those that Purchased in 2015

For those who acquire a property in 2015, you will have this opportunity in or around August of 2016. When you receive this notice stating the assessed value of your purchase, you only have 90 days to appeal for that purchase. If you are successful in your appeal, you will save on taxes for 2016 and 2017.

Appeal Restrictions You Need to Know

The good news for those who purchased after 12/31/2012, you may use sales that closed at any time in the year of your purchase when making your appeal. For example, if you acquired Hilton Head property in January of 2013, you may use any sale that closed in 2013 or before when making your appeal. If you acquired the property before 12/31/2012, you can only use sales that closed before that date when making your appeal.

Who Can Help You with Your Appeal

As always, consider hiring an Appraiser to prepare a formal Appraisal to submit with your Hilton Head Property appeal, since the Assessors Office staff understands the logical approach of an Appraisal. If you do contact an Appraiser, understand that an Appraiser can only be an advocate of their opinion of value. Also, Appraisers can’t comment on the likelihood of a successful outcome since Appraisers are required by law to have a research file before they offer an opinion of value which is not a free service. Finally, inquire as to an Appraiser’s years of experience and if they have been involved in the appeal process and have they been successful.

Should you have questions about the fee for an appraisal, please contact Bruce Goff at with “tax appeal and your property address” in the subject line.