Hilton Head Insurance and BrokerageInsurance Update from Gary Davis at Hilton Head Insurance and Brokerage.  The flood insurance information may be helpful if you own an older home built in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  There are Sea Pines homeowners that may save on this program.  

  1. FLOOD  As you know, the flood market is seeing some huge increases on older homes in A zones that are built below the required 14’. In fact, most of these homes are seeing 18-20% increases each year. Because of these massive increases, there is a new private flood market through Lloyds of London that competes with the flood market and is anywhere from 30%-50% less expensive. They only want the older homes below 14’ so if you have any customers or listings in these areas I can save them quite a bit of money. I do not even need an elevation certificate and can get a price based on address alone.
  1. Wind Pool If any of your existing home owners are in the South Carolina wind Pool or have two separate polices for their homeowners and wind policies please have them give me a call. Today, all of the major carriers include wind on their policies and if anyone is still paying separately for wind chances are they are paying way too much.
  1. New Carriers In the last few years numerous carriers have entered our market making the overall price on homeowners insurance much more affordable. If any of your clients have been with the same carriers for more than 3-4 years and haven’t had anyone check to see if they are getting the best price then please have them call me. I have been saving some clients thousands of dollars off their existing policies because they have been with the same carriers for many years and originally paid much higher premiums due to the lack of competition in the market. That has changed greatly over the last few years and the entire market is much more competitive today.

The agent’s contact information is below.  Feel free to contact him direct.  Thank you.

Gary Davis


1533 Fording Island Road, Ste 308

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