Harbourtown OakSelling your Hilton Head property may be an idea you are seriously considering, but that does not mean you are ready to put your home or villa on the market just yet. You may be waiting to pay off your mortgage, you may be waiting for the kids to move out, or you may not be ready yet to part with all the memories yet.  But that does not mean you don’t have to start preparing your property to sell.

What to Consider Before Listing Your Hilton Head Property

personal belongings cluttered in a home's attic, a DO NOT home selling tipMany Hilton Head sellers feel overwhelmed when they are preparing to sell their home or villa for a number of reasons:    There is the daunting task of decluttering,  the sometimes unexpected repairs that have to be made, and the seemingly endless list of squeaky doors and minor fixes that buyers would notice almost immediately.

And all of this happens in a short time. (Read this Popular Mechanics article about what surprises this first-time seller experienced to get an idea of what can happen.)

Prepare Now, Feel Less Stressed Later

You are in the perfect position and this is a perfect time of the year to do what many Hilton Head sellers do not have the chance to — slowly start to get your home or villa in order. Here are ten selling tips you can try now so you won’t feel overwhelmed when you are selling your Hilton Head property later.

1. Start with the Necessary Repairs

Free yourself from future stress by making any major repairs now, whether that is repairing the HVAC or replacing the hot water heater.  A good list to work from is our “Prepping your property to Sell” list that we have put together.  This list includes common inspection items that pop after the contract is signed and is a great list to do anytime.

paint roll and paint brushes2. Go for Neutral Colors

If you want to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, opt for more neutral colors. During home showings, neutral colors and décor make it easier for home buyers to picture themselves living in your Hilton Head Property, which is your ultimate goal.

3. Start Decluttering Now

Hilton Head sellers often find that decluttering is one of the more frustrating and overwhelming tasks, but if you start cleaning the clutter now, you will thank yourself later. A good rule of thumb: If you don’t love something and use it, lose it. This will also make moving day easier!

4. Deep Clean Your Home Periodically

small vacuum cleaner on dark floors in a homeSometimes it feels like the little things pile up quickly, don’t they? Try to stay ahead of minor maintenance and cleaning tasks by:

  • cleaning fixtures and light switch covers
  • fixing broken doorbells
  • repairing squeaky doors
  • dusting high and low
  • cleaning floors and windows

Check out our previous blog post for more ways to clean, organize, and declutter your home.

5. Refresh Your Front Entrance

During the home or villa selling process, making a fantastic first impression is the key to getting buyers in the door. Refresh your property’s curb appeal by purchasing a new welcome mat, painting the front door(or if you own a villa, call the regime company to paint it), and polishing or replacing the front door hardware.

List Your Hilton Head Property with Us for a Smooth Experience

We hope you found these property selling tips helpful. We know that selling a Hilton Head home or villa can be overwhelming, especially second homes and villas. We can help you get started even if you are not quite ready to sell now.  Just give one of us a call and we can make a list of items for your specific property that will help you sell your Hilton Head property for top dollar and in a short time when you are ready to go.