Hilton Head PropertiesSpring is here! The warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and longer days are perfect for viewing Hilton Head Properties in person.  It’s no wonder that the spring season is the most popular time for buyers to start looking at properties and communities in the Hilton Head area.  Before you jump in the car or book a flight, we have listed the 5 Best Strategies for Hilton Head House Hunting below.

a buyer getting preapproved for a mortgage with a lender1. Get Pre-approved 

Getting pre-approved locally for a loan is one of the best tools you have when searching for a home or villa in the Hilton Head area, especially when you have competition.

If you get pre-approved before you make an offer, the seller will take your offer seriously.

2. Get to Know the Neighborhood

If you have a specific area or property in mind in the Hilton Head area, it’s best to sign up for a portal with a local REALTOR in the Hilton Head area.  A private portal is a great way to learn about the market, new listings, maps and even allows you to adjust the search criteria yourself.  Click here to see an example of a portal. When it comes to finding properties for sale, this portal is even more accurate than Zillow, Trullia or Realtor.com.

3. Have a List of Your Wants and Needs

Have a detailed Hilton Head Shopping List outlining your wants and needs, and make sure that your list covers the type of property (e.g. house, villa, fifth or home -site), the location, the area, the number of bedrooms,  bathrooms, and home features that you are looking for.  If you take a minute to fill out this Shopping List and scan or fax it(1-866-680-1137) we can easily set up your very own portal!

One mistake that many Hilton Head buyers make during their property search, however, is having a wish list that is too strict. You don’t want to get stuck searching for the perfect property that may not exist.

Hand holding magnifying glass. Plain background4. Don’t Be Afraid to Examine Everything and order a home inspection

If you have narrowed your property search and are viewing Hilton Head Properties in person, it’s time to examine everything: doorknobs, cabinets, windows, faucets, light switches. Now is the time to find out if there is anything that needs repair, not after closing.

It’s also crucial to have a trained professional examine the home or villa you are interested in buying, even a home that has just been built. This is the best way to identify any major repairs that need to be made.


a home buyer meeting with a trusted real estate agent

5. Have the Best Real Estate Agent on Your Side

If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed while house or villa hunting in the Hilton Head Area, your local real estate agent is here to guide you through the process to help insure your success.

We want you to be able to find the best property in the best location, and are here to help. So if you are searching for a home or villa this spring, talk with us about what you are looking for in the Hilton Head area.  You can email us anytime at islandrealtor@hargray.com or via direct line at (843)785-7111.  Thank you.