Real Estate Buyers Love Face Time!

More and more agents are selling properties using “face time” with their buyers.  In the past, buyers had to travel to see the property before they would ever consider purchasing.  Using face time and turning the phone around allows a buyer to walk through a property with their agent, asking questions as they go.  Some buyers never stepped foot in the property until closing.

Why Face Time a Property?

The best properties always sell first and fast.  These hot properties offer condition, location or price and sometimes all three.  Buyers that were in town used to have the advantage, but face time is a real game changer.  Out of town buyers now have the opportunity to participate and buy these hot properties.  Face time helps many out of town buyers get there name in the hat before a property sells.

See a property you like, let’s face time!

Next time you find a property that is just too good to be true on the internet, give your agent a call and ask to face time it!  It might just be the perfect one!  The internet now moves real estate information faster than it has ever moved before and buyers must move faster in order to get the chance  to buy these properties. You can start your search in the Hilton Head Area by clicking here!  Let us know if you see anything and let’s face time!