Sand in your toes

Now is the best time of the year to buy and close on a vacation rental property on Hilton Head Island. The reason, many of the vacation rental properties on Hilton Head listed for sale have bookings in place for the summer months ahead.  This can give the new owner a big windfall.  Wouldn’t it be nice to close on a great property and put some bucks back into your pocket after closing?  Just click on a property below!

2015 Rentals $70,000 Net
2015 Rentals $65,000 Net
_25_000 Summetime Rentals
2015 Rentals $60,000 net
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2015 Rentals $40,000
2015 Rentals $35,000
2015 Rentals $20,000
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2015 Rentals $90,000
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2015 Rentals 37000
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Hit The Ground Running with Hilton Head Vacation Properties

Pick out a property above or in the MLS and email us for the rental history and 2016 bookings today.  These numbers can be significant and not only can you find a great property, the summer rentals might just help you pay for it!  Just click on any of the the properties above and contact your Hilton Head Properties agent to get the ball rolling!  Happy Summer Rentals!