Ready for some family fun on our beach?  Hilton Head Properties R and R has adopted four Sea Turtle nest on the beach!  Find one(or all) of our nests and we will register you to win a big comfy beach towel. One beach towel drawing will be made every week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Island visitors, guests and friends are welcome to participate!  Register for as many of our nests as you can find!   Please read more below!


A Turtle Nest Hunt for our Guests and Friends:

You can visit and look at our nest on the beach.  Be sure to take a photo and send it to us to register to win!  Please when you do visit one of our nest, remember not to touch anything!  These mom’s spent the last 30 years getting back to our Island and we want to be sure their babies get the same opportunity.  If you would like to adopt a new nest, please contact Andrea Siebold below!  Thank you

  • Sea Pines Turtle Nest:  Our Sea Pines nest is #21 located on Sea Pines 5 miles of beaches somewhere!   Hint:  It was laid May 22 and is located at beach marker 28 on the Sea Pines Beach.  The turtle patrol marks the nest with 3 white poles and bright orange tape.  The front two poles each have the nest number on it.
  • Palmetto Dunes Turtle NestOur Palmetto Dunes nest is # 50 located somewhere on 3 miles of beach:).  Hint:  It was laid this May 27th, and is located just north of beach marker 93A, which is near Singleton Beach and Palmetto Dunes.
  • Forest Beach Turtle Nest Nest number 105 and is located on two miles of beach somewhere in North or South Forest Beach!  Hint:  It is was laid on June 5th and is located just south of beach marker #51.
  • Folly Field-Singleton NestNest number #116 and it is located south of beach marker 108A, which is near Folly Field.  This nest was laid on June 7th.  

The Sea Turtle Hatchlings have a long swim ahead

After making their mad dash to the ocean, the hatchlings will now swim straight out from Hilton Head Island to the deep ocean, where they will join other loggerhead turtles following the Gulf Stream north from South Carolina, across the Atlantic Ocean, down along the coast of Africa and then circle back to our area.  That is built-in GPS!!!  After twenty five years or so, the females who hatched on Hilton Head Island beaches, will return here to lay their eggs – what awesome creatures!

Register to win a Big Beach Towel

With your photo entry, please be sure to include your mailing address and will send you a free HHI Bumper Sticker.  Just find one of our adopted Sea Turtle nests(or find them all), take a photo of the nest with your phone(you and your crew optional), email us the photo to or text it to (843)338-4854 and we will send you your bumper sticker and register you for the beach towel drawing.  Please contact Andrea B. Siebold, Sea Turtle Nest Adoption Coordinator to adopt a nest at  – (843)415-2211