If you are thinking of buying a vacation rental property in the Hilton Head area, we have the very best resources.  Members of our team can help you with financing, remodeling, repairs, inspections, financial advisors and other great resources that make owning a vacation home fun!  Whether you are buying for cash flow, possible appreciation, personal use or a combination, we can help design a plan that works for you.

This short video :

  • What are the best properties to buy for vacation rentals?
  • How can a buyer find out what improvements are needed?
  • Is it too late for buyers to get summer rentals?
  • How about vacation rentals for this summer, do you have anything left?

Vacation Rental Properties on Hilton Head Island

Vacation villas and homes are a bargain in comparison to where they were just 5 years ago on Hilton Head Island.  While negotiation is definitely firming up in the Hilton Head area, there are still some great rental properties available.  The cool thing about investing in vacation real estate is that the rentals can help off set costs of ownership and it gives you a place to stay.  You can’t vacation in your stocks and bonds.