HNY!  If the ringing of our phones is any indication of consumer confidence in 2017, we are off to a great start!  Talking with real estate agents around the Island, it is unusually busy for January in the Hilton Head Area.  We have never seen the year start off so busy.  That’s because Hilton Head buyers have these benefits to look forward to! 

Value is still attractive for Hilton Head Purchasers

Hilton Head area home prices are up since the recession, but they have not yet fully recovered to post recession prices.  According to this report by Case-Schiller, most of the country has returned to post recession prices.  This makes the timing an attractive buying opportunity in the Hilton Head area.


Demand for rentals is rising for Hilton Head Properties

Never before have we had such a strong demand for Long Term and vacation rentals in the Hilton Head and Bluffton areas.  This demand has created opportunity for future home and villa owners that want to lock in on low interest rates, low prices and great properties, but are not quite ready to move to the area yet. This also opens the door for the investor.  Check out the long term rates with these Available Properties – 12-12-16.  If you are shopping vacation properties, contact Hilton Head Properties R and R for a income performance evaluation on any vacation property.

Mortgage rates are still low for Hilton Head Purchasers

Mortgage rates dropped to kick off our 2017!  This is good news for buyers that started their new year shopping for Hilton Head area real estate.  Even if they do go up as forecasted in 2017 they are still at historically lows.

Mortgage_Rates on Hilton Head

Inventory is still available for Hilton Head Purchasers

Instead of multiple choices for a similar property, there are fewer comparable properties for buyers to choose from.  That’s OK, as long as buyers can find the one property that suits their needs.  In some cases, there are some areas with no inventory and buyers may either have to sit out and wait or move to a different area.


Hilton Head Buyers will be rewarded in 2017

The early bird buyer in 2017 will be rewarded with better selection of properties, lower interest rates, upcoming summer rental income and better values.  Contact your REALTOR to find out more about the Hilton Head Area market and what we can do to find the perfect place for you.