Hilton_Head_MLS_Portal_001If you own Hilton Head real estate or thinking about purchasing, be sure you have a good portal set up with a local real estate agent.  Real estate in the Hilton Head area is starting to heat up and we are seeing properties sell in a day and multiple offers on the same property.  A portal with our Hilton Head MLS, will keep you better informed than Zillow and other online real estate websites.  Here’s why.

What’s Wrong With Using  Zillow to find property?

Many of our clients follow Zillow for valuations and to find out what’s for sale.  What is amazing is how much incorrect information is on Zillow.  We get calls by Zillow fans for listings that don’t exist(we call them ghost listings).  We also have owners that believe the value published on Zillow is the value of their property.  While Zillow will be corrected over time, it is just not a reliable source of information today.

Why is the Hilton Head MLS Portal better? 

The Hilton Head Area MLS publishes data in real time.  Meaning, you  will see a sale or new listing as it was posted by the agent.  Some websites take a day or week to upload, meaning you might just miss the property of your dreams!  As well, our MLS does not publish “ghost listings”.  Setting up the criteria you are interested in will allow you to follow activity in your favorite communities.  The best thing is it is free!

Get a free Hilton Head Area MLS Portal

Your Hilton Head portal can be custom designed to whatever real estate information you desire.  Want to follow recent sales in your neighborhood?  No problem.  Looking for a unique location or style of home.  You got it.  The Portal offers selections choices that you cannot find on other real estate websites.  Just fill out the form below and we will set up an intitial portal for you!  If you have one already, but what to tweak the criteria, please also use the form below.  Thank you.