Hilton Head Real Estate MarketHilton Head Island’s real estate market is changing.  No longer a buyers market and not into a sellers market, we now are in the middle.  This means for buyers and sellers the next one for sale may be a little higher in price, a little less negotiable and will most likely sell faster than the last one.   Click here for market advice for our buyers and sellers.


Market Advice for Hilton Head Buyers

The best advice for Hilton Head buyers once they find a property they like is to move quickly.  Market wide inventories are down 7.2% and pending sales are up by 3.5%.  Meaning there are more buyers in the market and less properties for sale than a year ago.  Buyers also should note that if a property is properly priced, the average list to selling price is 96.4%.  There are even some properties that are now averaging 99% of asking price.  So our advice to buyers is move fast, don’t low ball and wrap up the negotiations quickly. Keep in mind, it is not a contract until it is signed and delivered to all parties.

Market Advice for Hilton Head Sellers

This neutral market may be good news for some of our older listings on Hilton Head Island.  That’s because there are more buyers on the prowl on the Island and fewer properties competing for the buyer’s attention.  Sellers should note however that this market will not fix an overpriced listing.  With a 3.5% increase in value over the last year, if a seller is 10% over market value, it could take 3 years to sell this property.  Who knows where interest rates and buyers will be then.   Our advice to sellers is get your property priced correctly.  This chart will help to get to the right price.

Ready to Buy or Sell on Hilton Head Island?

For Hilton Head Buyers, these real estate searches will help you navigate the Island.  For Hilton Head Sellers or soon to be sellers, your property may be worth more than you think it is!  Get a second opinion on value by clicking here!