The internet has become an important tool for both buyers and sellers researching real estate in the Hilton Head area. If you go this route, it’s a good idea to check at least 2 or 3 of these sites to get an estimated range of value.  That’s because these sites often do not take into account the unique features of the property and can have incorrect data about the property or location.

Where can you find the value for a Hilton Head Property
To see what the many websites are saying about a property’s value, just email us or your local agent. You can also do this yourself on Zillow and Trulia.  We will send a one page report comparing each websites information on square footage, bedrooms, baths and value.  This will include information found on Zillow, Trulia, SmartHomePrice and Core Logic.

What sellers should do with this information?
Because buyers are using these sites to help determine the value of a property, owners should check to be sure the information is correct.  There are ways to edit or claim a property on these sites if you are an owner or agent.  Correcting room count, improvements, square footage, bedrooms, baths and other information can change the value.  Some of the sites even allow an agent or owner to note why they believe the value shown to be too high or too low.  E-mail us if you would like assistance with this.

Buyers should be cautious of internet values on Hilton Head
If you are looking to buy in the Hilton Head area, take care when looking at the values found on the internet. It’s amazing how incorrect they can be.  That’s because these sites do not take into account the condition, floor plan, view or improvements of a property.   The best way to determine an accurate value for a property you are researching is to contact a local Realtor and have them walk in the door.