If you have ever visited Hilton Head Island, the weather, beaches, residents and natural beauty are very hard to leave behind.  Living on an Hilton Head Island offers residents perks and benefits that make living here worth the big move.  If you are planning on living on the Island someday, we have listed five tips for moving to Hilton Head.

You need to survive the winter to become a LOCAL!

The first and easiest tip is surviving the winter on the Island.  Hilton Head Island’s weather is sub-tropical sharing the same latitude as Bermuda.  Our winters are moderate with high 60 degree temperatures as common as 50 degrees during the “winter months”.  Surviving winter may also mean that you have the beach to yourself and can even bring fido, dinner reservations are not mandatory and enjoying all things that the slower pace our off season offers.

When you move to Hilton Head you can apply for a year round beach permit

When you live on an Island that measures 8 miles x 12 miles, you are never too far from the beach to enjoy it.  While some of the communities on the Island offer beach access within their gates, the Town of Hilton Head provides beach access for all full time residents.  To qualify to purchase a beach pass you must live or own property within Town limits.  The locals favorite beach is the Islanders Beach Park.  For only $35 per year, Islanders can pick up a decal from the town for unlimited beach access and parking.  Amenities include a boardwalk, showers, restrooms and picnic facilities.

Your taxes will be lower as a full time Hilton Head Island resident!

When you move to the Island, your residential real estate taxes will drop.  New residents moving to Hilton Head property should change their license, registration and documents to reflect their new Hilton Head address in South Carolina.   Residents can than apply for the 4% tax rate as soon as all of these documents are changed. Beaufort County also requires form SC 1040, but the first year a new Hilton Head area resident may sign a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) that allows them to receive the 4% tax rate TEMPORARY for that year.

It’s easy to get involved when you move to Hilton Head!

One of the best things about moving to the Island is that most all of our residents are transplants from other areas.  They chose this lifestyle on the Island and are friendlier because of it.  They make up our small town and create a true sense of community.  There are clubs, volunteering opportunities, full time/part time jobs, and wellness organizations for every one!  Whatever you are passionate about, you will find a group in our community to get involved with.

Choose a Local REALTOR to find the perfect spot on Hilton Head!

Working with an experienced local REALTOR on Hilton Head Island, will give you access to all the properties for sale in the area.  Because many of the communities are gated on the Island, local agents are required(or a gate pass) for you to see many of the properties for sale.  Located in the heart of Hilton Head Island, the agents at Hilton Head Properties Realty and Rentals offer both experience and local knowledge to help you find the perfect place to call home!