Tax_Map_Key_for_Hilton_HeadIf you decide to file this year, and are successful, you will enjoy tax savings for the next three years on your Hilton Head Taxes.  Of the assignments accepted in 2014, my clients assessed values declined from 4.4 % to 68%.  They will enjoy that reduction every year for the next four years because they filed last year. By filing now you could be on the road to savings for the next three years. Of course, there is no refund for prior years.

Another shot to appeal your Hilton Head Taxes

Maybe you weren’t one of the approximate 8000 that appealed their taxes in 2013 or maybe you did and were denied.  The staff of the Assessors Office is comprised of licensed Real Estate Appraisers and they understand the logical approach of an appraisal.  Therefore a real estate flyer or your neighbors value may just not be enough information to earn the appeal.  If you decide to file yourself, be sure to keep it logical and use only closed sales as of 12/31/2012.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to file a Hilton Head Tax appeal

This year when you get your tax bill you will be presented with another opportunity to file an appeal before the end of the year. If you decide to contact an Appraiser, understand that an Appraiser can only be an advocate of their opinion of value. Also, Appraisers can’t comment on the likelihood of a successful outcome since Appraisers are required by law to have a research file before they offer an opinion of value, which requires research and is not a free service. It’s also a good idea to find out the Appraiser’s years of experience, whether they have been involved in the appeal process and if they have they been successful.

Questions about appealing your Hilton Head Taxes

Should you have questions including fees, please contact Bruce Goff at with “tax appeal and your property address” in the subject line.  Thank you.

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