Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

People don’t buy real estate on Hilton Head as much as they buy life style.  A sale usually only takes place on this Island when heart strings, emotion and logic come together.  Heartstrings are the simple things in life that include time together or a passion!  The logical reasons to buy right now support the emotional values found on Hilton Head and the market is turning!


Of course, your real estate agent will meet you on the beach with a StarBucks to see which villa offers the best sunrise view, they will take you out in the boat to see a waterfront property or they will show you the greens, but they also have the resources to provide you with the logical reasons to buy now. 

Many of our buyers understand the emotional reasons and feel the heartstrings that are driving them towards a purchasing decision, however they usually do not have a clue about the logical reasons that support these other two.  Through the years we have developed a program that demonstrates many of the logical reasons.  This analysis shows the costs of ownership, the interest rates, the purchase price, some potential tax benefits and the rental income (if chosen). 

The samples above are for various types of properties.  We would be happy to send you a property analysis on any of our properties seen at (you can also search the MLS by clicking the link at the top of our listing page)

With over 200 days of sunshine, moderate winters, subtropical temperatures, the natural beauty, 12 miles of beaches, and limited availability of an island this market offers all the emotional reasons that work on our heartstrings. Just last Saturday I took a long walk on the beach with my son’s with the morning fog of the low country rolling in and found mine!

Many purchasers are making their future decisons now as the market offers some great buyer benefits.  One client recently purchased their retirement home on the Island even though they are 10 years away(they will rent it in the meantime).  The money they will save and the equity they will build makes this a wise decision. 

With the Timing that is before us we suggest you getting your foot in the door now!  Visit our website for the latest listings or seach our MLS(noted on the top of our listing page).  We look forward to helping you find your place on Hilton Head. 

From a Beautiful Island supported by very logical reasons,

We are~

Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers

P.S.  If you are thinking of retiring here someday, keep in mind we need more long term rental properties! Buy now and rent until you move later.   Click here for more information!